Get Pregnant with Fertility Boosting Yoga Poses

The benefits of yoga to our overall health and well-being are widely known. But did you know that that yoga can also increase reproductive health? Women struggling with infertility have long since turned to yoga poses to raise their fertility and increase their chances of becoming pregnant. Men can also practice fertility boosting yoga to improve the health of their reproductive system. Certain yoga poses have benefits that can increase male potency and help prevent illnesses associated with the reproductive organs.

It goes without saying that yoga practice is significantly more budget-friendly than costly fertility treatments. It’s also argued that regular yoga will naturally heighten sexual desire. Dozens of research projects and scientists around the world suggest that yoga will stimulate blood flow in and around the pelvic area. That will promote reproductive hormone production and can improve sperm motility and mobility. Also, it can improve the overall quality of the sperm and reduce the size of the prostate. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety contributing to the all-around improved well-being. Importantly, it increases the general health of the reproductive system.

Best poses for men

If you and your companion are trying to have a baby, you will find interesting which yoga poses are the most effective in supporting your body and reproductive organs increasing the chances of pregnancy. Get your blood flowing to your reproductive organs with a few fertility boosting yoga poses that can improve your sperm count and quality. The best poses for male fertility are the pigeon pose, the dancers pose, twisting triangle. Also, the sun salutation sequence, ideally with synchronized breathing as you flow from one posture to the next.

All of these postures rejuvenate the pelvic area by stimulating its nerves and blood vessels. Hold each pose for at least six deep abdominal breaths and try to relax deep into the pose. Ideally, consider joining a yoga class. The support of a good instructor will ensure the correct posture throughout, and you’ll have a personal guide to get the most out of your fertility and yoga journey.

Best poses for women

You shouldn’t forego medical treatment and depend just on yoga to beat infertility. But this ancient form of workout can be a great weapon in your arsenal. Yoga can affect and treat infertility by reducing stress, detoxifying the body and increasing circulation. Yoga also strengthens your immune system, helps to keep the ovaries healthy and better dealing with hormonal treatment. The best poses for female fertility are seated, standing and one-legged forward bend, butterfly pose, legs up the wall pose and child’s pose. Also consider rhythmic rapid breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and bee breath. You should include supported headstand, supported shoulder stand, bridge pose, cobra pose and yogic sleep.

Boost your diet with natural supplements

A healthy and balanced diet, coupled with regular fertility boosting yoga practice will improve your immune system. This diet is beneficial because a robust immune system is necessary to increase your chances of a successful conception and pregnancy. To achieve this, supporting your diet with a specially formulated, completely natural fertility supplements could be beneficial. These food supplements deliver all the critical nutrients your body needs and remove the need for complicated diet plans.